Her girl

I'm me, who else??
Jasmine, Jazzie, jaz, Jay.

In a relationship, commited.
lesbian, Love Me some titties! ;)

Fatty you'll love to hang with.
I'm a bit of an sarcastic asshole, whatev who isnt?

Usually friendly, but i am pretty shy.
Tattoos and piercings are sexay.
Fashion & Music is my LIFE.

I'm a freak for biggg asses.- Dont ask why..
Chub love - im a fat fuck.

If you don't like it? then GTFOH ! thas it?
Not to hard to ask right??

Her girl


My nephew and my dog watching ‘101 Dalmatians’ together

My nephew and my dog watching ‘101 Dalmatians’ together
at the resturant with bae

this is my favorite tweet of all time and no one can tell me otherwise
"Fat women are expected to dress in ways that are ostensibly minimizing but that, in reality, are really about us occupying less visual real estate. No bold colors, no stripes, nothing that would ever make us look bigger. It’s not that some of those rules are genuinely about looking slimmer – it’s that we draw less attention to ourselves when we comply with fashion rules. We occupy less space, metaphorically if not physically. We minimize ourselves for the comfort of other people."
Marianne Kirby at The Rotund, I Spy With My Fat Eye; On Seeing And Being Seen (via queerfatfemme)



Paul George is disrespectful b.

lmao did this nigga just signaled them to stop… 😂😂😭

Paul George is an American hero.

this is amazing. 

#potterhead forever.